western hognose snake care sheet ! ... Care And Breeding The Western Hog-nosed Snake. ... Baby Colored Amazon Tree Boas. Breeding Motleys together produces Super Motleys, and it has been determined that they are a Co-Dominant gene. The Motley pictured above is of our Motley het Anery, Shirley. Paradigm Boa. The Paradigm boa was first created by Mike Weitzman of Basically Boas. A Paradigm is created by breeding a Boawoman Caramel Boa with a Sharp Albino.

Amazon Basins. Amazon Basins (Corallus Batesii) is an extremely desirable animal for snake collectors.This website is for the Amazon Basin lovers of the world to follow my Collection of Emerald Tree Boas, review upcoming breeding Projects, acquire your own snakes, learn more about the Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa, and/or to have fun viewing the most beautiful snake on the planet. Boas for sale at Outback Reptiles. Got a Question? Give us a call at 703-365-2262. Email: [email protected]