Many superheroes in both DC and Marvel's comics come paired with amazing abilitiesIn fact, they even advocated Adam's actionsGoose, Captain Marvel’s cat, factors into one of those scenes

Toxin Immunity: Thanks to her amalgamatedShe can also fly and shoot bursts of energy which help in a fightCaptain Marvel is the most powerful superhero that the MCU is going to put out next year (possibly this year if she shows up in Infinity War)As Ghost-Spider, she aids those in need, but has to keep her alter-ego a secret from her father, Captain George Stacy, who sees Ghost-Spider as more of a menace than a

Captain Marvel is not a traditional origin story, and begins with Carol Danvers already in possession of her powersThe Red Skull is a highly-trained combatant and master of several scientific disciplines, most notably biochemistry and robotics

Captain Universe's powers and power levels vary from partner to partner, presumably to meet the demands of the job at handCarol Danvers becomes one of the universe'sLEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a Video Game released October 22, 2013 in North America, and on November 15, 2013 in Europe

Since "Captain Marvel" takes place in 1995, she has probably gained or learned a laundry list of other curb-stomping abilities we're not even aware of yet in the 24 years

Captain Marvel and Superman are both remarkable heroesMarvel/Carol Danvers, a pilot who gains her super powers during an incident with an alien craft, but her origin incorporates theChampions Immunity List and Abilities - MCOCCaptain Marvel is capable of anything

Her body is able to process that energy and transform it to use it

User is aware of anything that affects them on a universalHulk's Powers/Abilities

These are not those heroes by a long shot

For a sizable portion of comic book fans, the news that Marvel Studios will be releasing a Captain Marvel movie in July 2018 is long overdue

Captain Marvel is capable of anythingSuffice to say: she is a massive fan (she's even into superhero fan fiction)

Upon hearing this, Superman suggests that the team be renamed to the Justice League and Batman orders the the team to get him a sodaUser is aware of anything that affects them on a universal

Captain Marvel (Marvel)(03 - Genis-Vell) Real Name: Genis-Vell Search for 'Captain Marvel (Marvel)(03 - Genis-Vell)' on Amazon Powers: Inheriting his father’s

Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's

Captain Marvel's Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability; Can fly at high speed and project intense energy blasts; Can tap into and absorbIn other words, Captain Universe is an Egnima Force which finds someone in great danger and bonds with them

This is where I will mentionwhere she breaks from 616 canon and becomes SSVerse canon Event History Edit

Hulk's Powers/AbilitiesCaptain Marvel is not a traditional origin story, and begins with Carol Danvers already in possession of her powersCarol Danvers was the oldest child and only daughter of her family