Find Newark, An Avnet Company Autotransformers Data Sheets on GlobalSpec. The data entry process for 3-Winding Transformer is straightforward and simple if you have the correct data information, understand the application of the transformer data in PTW calculations, and know the objective of your studies. An example of a large 3-winding transformer on the following page contains the test data sheet and nameplate. This sheet should be submitted in addtion to the LGE Gas Load Data Sheet if applicable. This sheet does not fulfill the requirement of an application for service. You must contact LGE or KU Customer Service @ 800-331-7370 or 800-383-5582 to apply.

Autotransformer A transformer which has only one winding per phase, part of which is common to both the primary and secondary circuits. Banked Two or more single phase transformers connected together to supply a three phase load. BIl Basic impulse level is a means to express the ability of the insulation system to withstand high voltage surges. Difference Between Autotransformer & Conventional Transformer There are several differences between the autotransformer and the conventional transformer.One of the major difference between them is that the autotransformer has only one winding whereas the conventional transformer has two separate windings.