Dec 21, 2010 · sims 3 iphone cheat :) i hope it helped you! and check my other videos out. EA Mobile today released the high resolution trailer for Sims 3 for the iPhone. You can watch the HD trailer over at vimeo or the plain-old-def trailer below.. Sims 3 is set to be released on the iPhone on June 2nd. The Sims 3 iPhone cases and covers are available in soft, skin, snap, tough, and wallet styles. Choose snap and tough to avoid breakage. Opt for soft or skin to accessorise your iPhone. All cases and covers have high-quality prints that won’t fade.

Phone DReplacement – Apple iPhone X by littledica at Mod The Sims DOWNLOAD It features: If you’re new to my CC page, you might not know that i’m the only one that offers Custom Smartphones with ACTUAL LIGHT UP SCREEN , not even EA’s smartphone does that! Should I get Sims 3 for my iPhone or iMac? I have the best iMac you can have right now, and the iPhone 3Gs. Which one is better and more worth the money? iPhone version for $9.99 or iMac version for $49.99?