Accordingly, it was the herbarium in its totality, rather than arbitrary type specimens, which served as a tool in the determination of plant species and genera. The social order of botany The enormous numbers of plant specimens that Linnaeus' three cabinets accommodated were accrued from a worldwide network of botanists, professionals as well ... Bodoni Specimen Sheet~ designer unknown~ very creative type specimen as a magazine cover and type portrait. As a homework assignment in my Typography class the students were each given a different typeface. They had to research each typeface and then create a "Type Specimen Sheet" to advertise their font.

Such errors can be corrected only if the botanist has checked the name and the description of that species against a type specimen. Categories of Type Specimans. The holotype is the single specimen designated by the describing author (of a new species) as the type specimen. The herbarium in which the holotype is deposited must be indicated in ... species; i.e. species A and species B, species B and species C, etc. Enter the numbers in the spaces on your data sheet. 6. Construct a cladogram using the rule that species with the greatest number of shared characteristics are most closely related. Remember to minimize the number of steps. 7. Construct a classification scheme from your cladogram.