I created a set of 100+ printable chore cards for kids. They are easy to use, teach kids responsibility and they are vastly different from chore charts. In the past, when I introduced my oldest to a set of printable routine cards, I used a very specific Language of Listening® approach to help him learn how to use the cards. Free Printable Star Wars Chore Chart. Free Printable Star Wars Chore Chart, a great help for parents that want to assign basic tasks for kids to help at home. If your kids enjoy watching the Star Wars movies, comics, or animated series, they are going to like this chart.

Jan 02, 2020 · to download a copy of the muted color scheme chore chart for your own family. There are 4 different colored titles available for you to customize to your children. If you want the brightly colored chore chart you can CLICK HERE for that download. See Also: Printable Savings Chart for Kids: Help Kids Set and Reach Financial Goals Family Household Chores Checklist Whether you have a small or large family, clothes need to be washed, beds need to be made, bathrooms need to be cleaned, and chores just need to be done! With this household chore checklist, it can help get you on your way and let you know who needs to do what.