Jun 12, 2012 · Using the Resource Sheet View. One of the most effective and commonly used views for manually entering basic resource information is the Resource Sheet view. The Resource Sheet enables you to see many resources on the screen at once. It also shows you a number of important fields for each resource. In MS Project, first list down all your resources and their allocations. This can be done from View > Resource Sheet screen, for example like the screenshot given below: Then assign tasks to the resources, for example: MS Project will automatically display that the resource is 50%. Note that in the sample, Dev4 has been assigned 2 overlapping ... Start studying Project 4.2.1: Medical History. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

You should use week-by-week leveling so that a less than 100% resource will not be judged to be over-allocated needlessly. The big issue however is that the on-board MS Project leveling engine has documented problems (it can give crazy results) if you try to set any resource's max units (Resource Sheet) to anything but 100%. Parris_In_Florida -- Click View - Resource Sheet. Select the gray row headers for the resources you do not want to use in your project and then press the Delete key on your computer keyboard. Save your project. If your project is connected to a shared Resource Pool file, the above steps will not work.