Electrical inspection and testing HSE and other organisations have produced guidance on electrical safety that is suitable for a wide range of industries and technical competencies. Most of the information produced by the HSE is available for immediate download. For more information on electrical cords, including extension cords and power taps, see the Extension Cords, Surge Suppressors and Power Strips Focus Sheet. Housekeeping and Maintenance Maintain at least 30 inches of clearance in front of electrical panels to ensure a safe environment for facilities workers. Welcome to downloadable Electrical testing forms! If you are looking for downloadable electrical test certificates you have come to the right place!. All you need to do is to choose the right type of certificate for you, download it and you can work with it straight away.

These results are also produced on Amtech and are recognised by NICEIC, to which we are members. IME regularly test all equipment in house and yearly send the test equipment away to be calibrated and certified. For inspections such as Compex, we design our own spread sheets to provide to the customer. This covers all relative detail.