Corn snakes are one of the more appreciated species of snake because they help to control rodent populations that may otherwise spread disease. Lifespan Of A Corn Snake. Corn snakes in captivity will generally have a lifespan of around 20 - 25 Years. Our site is dedicated to bringing you plenty of information and advice on how to keep a Corn Snake - the world's most popular species of pet snake! We have loads of features on our site, including a shopping section, helpful tips on how to keep the snakes, an overview of our experience with Corn Snakes AND a ShoutBox where you can chat about your pet with others!

Simply put, some snakes are easier to take care of, and can handle wider swings of consistency than others. If you worry that you may not be able to provide optimal care for your new pet, both you and the snake would be better off if the purchase is not made. However, a hardy pet will be more likely to survive, should you temporarily lose focus.